Why People Give Up Learning Guitar 

3. I have no music talent/ I'm too old

This is complete nonsense. Refer back to point 2:

I guarantee you, the more time you give to the guitar, the better you will get.

You need to be patient with learning guitar (or any instrument for that matter). If you have learnt another instrument before you take up guitar, you will probably pick it up faster, however that doesn't mean that you can't learn guitar if its your first instrument and you're 80 years old.

At the start you are going to make lots of mistakes, but even the most accomplished guitarist makes a lot of mistakes when they are learning a new piece. The only difference is that they know that the mistakes are part of the process of getting better.

I hope that is useful!


Whenever I walk past a pawn store I always have a look in the window at the guitars. Why are there always loads of guitars in pawn stores?

Because loads of people starting learning guitar and then give up.

I think it is important to address why people give up learning guitar and how you can overcome the common pitfalls.

1. Fading motivation.

So, you've bought a guitar, it's in your lap and you're learning your first chords. Great.

The chords you're playing sound kind of similar to the track you like. Great.

You can hum along the melody to the song. Great.

You then try another song, but the strumming sounds the same as the first one and you're generally not as pleased with how it worked out.

You then go onto youtube and watch a few tutorials but the guys on the tutorials seem way too advanced and although you follow what they're saying you're not really sure it sounds the same.With fading motivation the guitar sits by the lounge for a while, then goes in a cupboard and then finally gets forgotten about.

I really think that to stop this cycle, somewhere around the point where you're going and looking at tutorials on youtube, you should also go and see a teacher, or a friend who plays guitar well. As a beginner, you only know what you know, so it is very difficult (if not impossible) to be able to identify where your weak points are or what you should focus on to get better.

I'm not saying that as a teacher trying to earn money, I'm saying that as someone who has seen many friends go through this process and given up something that they could have loved.

2. Give me just a little more time

Everyone wants more time, and we all have different priorities.


I guarantee you, the more time you give to the guitar, the better you will get.

But you need to be able to prioritise practicing. You don't need to practice all day every day, but just 15 minutes a day will set you on your way. Who hasn't got 15 minutes a day?

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