Tom taught me anything I wanted to learn: bass, acoustic guitar and electric. Every lesson I could say a song I wanted to learn and even if he didn't know the song, he would be able to figure it out in seconds and give me a fun an engaging lesson from it. I have learnt so much since being taught by him. The best part is you get to go at your own pace. I have improved immensely over the past months!

Charlotte via Google - December 17

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Really enjoying my lessons with Tom. I'm a few months in, started with no experience & feel happy to entertain some friends/family with a few songs.
The sessions are structured & also very enjoyable. If I hear a song I'd like to try Tom breaks it down simply and usually within a few days I'm able to somewhat replicate it.
Overall an awesome guy to learn from. Very patient & a natural teacher. I can't recommend him enough, in fact I have already to some friends and family!

Conor O'Sullivan via Google - October 17

For someone that spent 4 years struggling with you tube videos and countless books from Amazon I feel qualified to advise not going down that route if you want to learn to play the guitar properly anytime soon. Signing up with Tom was the best thing I've done to try to forefill my dream of playing in a band. Whilst I have a long way to go Tom is the person who is going to get me there quicker than anything I could do by going alone. Tom has a nice, relaxed style making you feel instantly at ease with any feelings of inadequacy you may have. Every time I leave a lesson I always feel inspired and motivated to put the hours of practice in until the next one. So if you are thinking of signing up with Tom then my advice is don't hesitate, just do it. You won't regret it.

Jeff Turner via Google - March 17

I would highly recommend Tom to anyone. He looks for what you want to achieve as an outcome and tries different ways to get you there. Once he picks up on what will help best he mixes top two or three methods to keep things interesting. This may involve learning theory, playing along to tabs, playing songs electronically at slower speeds, deciphering keys/chords from listening to and playing over songs you like, recording on GarageBand etc. You know teaching is enjoyable when the hour flies by and you cannot believe it's already over!

Bruno Tonello via Facebook - Jan 17

Tom is a very clever and enthusiastic teacher. He is able to pick the reason behind mistakes and tailors the lesson to the student’s objectives. He’s brilliant!

Carolina Sanchez via Google - February 18

Tom has been teaching my 6 year old son for almost a year.
My son is fanatical about music and Tom taps into this and plans each lesson around Teds love of music and bands.
This in turn makes Ted eager to learn and progress comes naturally.
I feel like we've stumbled across a true gem!

Ange Wells via Google - August 17

Since starting with Tom having never even held a guitar before I have learnt so many different things! Tom is great at listening, if there is something you would like to apply to a lesson then he will happily do this, he can take your favourite song and help you to be able to play it within a couple of lessons which is great value for money. Tom is a nice friendly person and you can see he gets great satisfaction from seeing progress in he's students. I have had 15 lessons and will be having plenty more!!!! Would highly recommend Tom to anybody.

Nathan Simpson via Freeindex - Oct 16

From the very first lesson Tom had me working on my left and right hand finger techniques. With in no time and with a bit of practise by the third lesson we was working on popular songs. This is great as for me it keeps me engaged and wanting to learn and better myself by the time each lesson come's around, not to mention the fact it makes me want to go out there and impress my peers with what i've learnt.
What I particularly enjoy is Tom's teaching style he's laidback and really relaxed, so even if you make mistakes a couple times you know eventually with in time you'll get the hang of things and prosper. 
Attention to detail is key and with a bit of commitment you'll see the results, and this is coming from someone who started as a complete novice.
Look no further if you want to learn from the best book a lesson, buy a guitar and get going!

Dan via Facebook - June 16

I've been getting lessons off Tom for about 5 months now. With no previous experience Tom taught me in a relatively short time the theory and practical elements of learning guitar. 
A fantastic teacher who picks up on what music you would like to play and helps you along. He breaks it down as simple as you need it to be until you get it and start learning each song.

Brian Arnold via Facebook - December 17

Great teacher and gave me the confidence to play my first gig after only playing guitar for a few months. Would definitely recommend. 5/5

Andrew G via Google - May 17

Tom has an incredible breadth of knowledge and ability across all genres and styles of acoustic and electric guitar playing. 
Perhaps more importantly he is really patient and able to develop your skill set
Tom's teaching style has increased my confidence and renewed my interest in playing. The hour lesson flies by and I go home having increased my musical knowledge and learnt a lot of new techniques. 
It's always difficult choosing a new teacher. 
Please take this as a personal recommendation and take a few lessons.

Steve Carballo via Facebook - July 17