January Update
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /2 January 2018

​Ah, the start of the new year!

I've been going through students goals for the year, and it's going to be an exciting one: there will be slide guitar, sweep picking, classical pieces and grades, and that's just the next few months.

Personally, this year my goal is to become better on drums and write more songs.

I can't wait!

Half Term
Tom Marcovich/ News Update / 10 February 2017​

Just a quick update, I will be teaching over the half term break, so if you need a lesson I'll be here.


This video has been going around the viral circuit. I can teach you blues, but just not like this bloke..

Tom Marcovich/ News Update /4 May 2017​

Congratulations to my students on the fine results in the recent exams! Here's a little slap bass to celebrate.

I Know What I Did Last Summer
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /28 August 2017

As the Summer holidays draws to a far to fast close, I hope everyone had a great time.

I took advantage of the relative quiet in the studio and set off on a quest to learn 50 new finger style arrangements this year.

Here's one of them. Looking forward to seeing everyone again in the next few weeks. Enjoy the last few weeks of holidays!

Half Term Update!
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /18 May 2017

Just a quick update, I'm back from my break in Sydney and teaching my usual schedule again.

There are a couple of regular slots available during the week, so get in touch if your interested.

I will be teaching as usual during the half term break coming up. As a bit of inspiration, here's a video of my absolute favourite guitarist growing up!

Quick Update 
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /8 October 2017

It's been a very busy month for teaching. This month, we've been doing alot of Ed Sheeran, Pink Floyd, and blues. I've even gotten quite a few bass lessons in, which has been fun.

Here's the song I probably teach more than others. Happy playing!

Happy New Year!
Tom Marcovich/ News Update / 11 January 2017​

Last year was a great year for me; I got to meet lots of new students, and my little boy was born.

This year is already looking good, and I have met a few new faces already. I now have very limited places left for new students, but do give me a call if you would like a lesson, and I can see what I can do. Here's a video of a slow blues to welcome in the new year.

Home Lessons
Tom Marcovich/ News Update / 17 February 2017​

Another quick update, I will not be taking on any more lessons from student's homes. I will continue with the couple I have at the moment though.

​Here is a video I put together this week of a finger style and bass version of Michael Jackson's Rock with You (arr. Adam Rafferty)

Practice, Practice, Practice
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /28 July 2017

One thing I try and install in students, is that the only way to get better, fast is to practice a little regularly. Whether that is 5 minutes a day for a 6 year old or an hour for an adult. Here's a video that I found which goes into what you need to focus on.

December Update
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /2 December 2017

Where did this year go?

November was a big month, and I was giving between 35 - 40 lessons a week. I worked out that this year I've done around !,500 lessons, which has been an education for me!

Students who sat their exams in the last month did well with merit and above results. A few students also performed at the Beckenham Music Festival, which was a good experience to get their playing out in public. 

My "So You Want to Learn Guitar" Blog

Here are my latest ramblings on learning the acoustic or electric guitar

Summer Update Part 2
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /10 July 2017

With the summer holidays on at the moment, I will try and be as flexible as possible to allow school age students to move to times that are more convenient. That said, thanks for everyones' hard work. It's very rewarding to hear improvements, no matter the age of the student. Currently I am teaching students from 5 up to 68, and everyone is doing great.

Welcome back!
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /10 September 2017

​Welcome back to all the students who are coming off their holidays, suntanned and ready to work on their playing.

Here's a Bieber track, not to everyones' taste sure, but a great pop song regardless.

Exams Countdown!
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /6 March 2017​

Good luck to everyone who is preparing for exams at the moment. I have students sitting London College of Music, Trinity and Rockschool exams this time around. Don't forget to have fun!

Also, here's a video of me playing the Hotel California which I am going through with a student. What a great solo!

Summer Update
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /15 June 2017

I am now mostly booked for regular slots on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday morning. However, I have a few slots I keep back for casual lessons on those days. I still have some available regular slots on Friday daytime.

From 11 July though, I will be teaching on Tuesdays, so get in touch if you would like a lesson then!

Here's a solo I've wanted to play for about 20 years, and I can finally pull it off. I've been showing it off to anyone who will listen!

November Update
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /4 November 2017

Everyone is now back from holidays, and it is looking to be a very busy month.

Good luck to everyone sitting grades! I have students from kids to adults sitting acoustic, classical and rock grades in the month.