January Update
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /2 January 2018

​Ah, the start of the new year!

I've been going through students goals for the year, and it's going to be an exciting one: there will be slide guitar, sweep picking, classical pieces and grades, and that's just the next few months.

Personally, this year my goal is to become better on drums and write more songs.

I can't wait!

October Update - It's a Girl!
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /4 October 2018

Thanks for everyones well wishes in the last week. My wife and I welcomed a little girl to join her brother.

I am back from my week off now, and it's been good to see the practice bear fruit.

Embarrassing Dad alert.. here's a quick video of Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder!

May Update - 
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /6 May 2019

I hope everyone had a great Easter. I'm back in the thick of things at the moment and also working on a series of videos that I'll be dropping in the next month on different topics on learning guitar. Here's a sneak pic!

June Update - 
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /26 June 2019

It's been another busy month in the studio, and it's been fun working with everyone to improve and develop their playing.

There's a few gradings coming up and personally I've been working hard on preparing some videos for youtube, as it's good to challenge yourself to try new things! Have a great month.

May Update
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /23 May 2018

Thanks for everyone's hard this work this month. I have been thinking lately of all the people who've come through my doors wanting to learn guitar and then ultimately taken their music to the next level and performed in public, whether that be playing in festivals, at school, at open mic nights or in bands. It is one of the most satisfying things for me as a teacher.

Keep it up!

Summer Update
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /2 July 2018

The results are in for the latest exams, and everyone did well and got through with some high marks in there. A special shout out to one of my students who started with me a couple of years at a grade 1 level and now received a merit in grade 4 Trinity. Well done!

It is a bit quieter around summer, so if anyone wants some casual lessons you know how to find me!

January Update - 
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /31 January 2019

Happy new year!

I've been working with students to sort out their goals for the year and its an exciting time. I've been personally working on the solo to this track which I loved growing up, and it's proving quite difficult!

Best of luck to everyone for the year.

​December Update - 
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /30 December 2018

It seems like the other day I was doing the 2017 Christmas update.

Its been great to see how many people have got new guitars for Christmas, it shows me that there is an eagerness to keep learning. It was a good first Christmas for me and the family and looking forward to getting back to teaching next week.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2019.

February Update - 
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /25 February 2019

It was a slightly quieter week last week with the half term break, but busy again now with people prepping for grades. I am really enjoying the monthly adult jam session where intermediate and above students get to play with like minded musicians. As it was a bit quieter, I got a chance to pull this together.

Latest News!

Here are my regular updates from the studio 

March Update - 
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /29 March 2019

This month celebrates 3 years since I started teaching from my studio in Bromley. In a very rough calculation, there's been over 5 thousand lessons since then! Thanks to everyone who has continued to support me. Much love. Here's a Bruno Mars cover I pulled together.

September Update
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /28 August 2018

I hope everyone had a lovely summer! I got a chance to get away at the start of August and now I'm straight back in the thick of things and it is really busy, which is great.

I was very proud to hear a story about one of the 7 year olds who I teach. The young student performed Wonderwall to one of their parent's adult friends, and this adult's draw dropped open with shock with the quality of the performance.  

Ive haven't had a the chance in almost a year to put up a video performance, but heres one I quickly recorded of a song I fell in love with the first time I heard it many years ago.

November Update - 
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /27 November 2018

And once again, another year draws to a close! 

Its been very busy this month in the studio. I've started running adult jam sessions for adults who are intermediate and above which is a good way to meet like minded musicians. Some results are coming back for gradings too, with Noah getting 95% in the initial Trinity guitar, which is the highest mark I think I've even seen someone get. Well done!

Here's a video from a few years ago which heavily features a moustache which has now thankfully gone!

April Update
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /22 April 2018

We have been enjoying beautiful sunshine and lovely playing this month. There will be a lot of students sitting exams from initial up to grade 5 these coming months which is exciting. At the end of April, I sat the Trinity grade 8 Classical Guitar exam, which I received a distinction for, so I've now sat an exam with all the grading bodies. Even after playing for as long as I have, it is still nerve playing pieces in front of an examiner! For the students who aren't doing grades, there is alot of great stuff we've been getting through as well from Beiber to Pink Floyd.

February Update
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /1 February 2018

January was my busiest month yet. There was quite a bit of flu going around, but yet people still wanted to come!

Looking at students progress through the year, it's inspiring. I have some students who were doing grade 2 last year and are now working on grade 4, and 6 year olds who have moved on to Grade 1. Theres also adults making good progress on Rockschool and non grade related stuff as well. Here's a grade 2 piece I prepared last year for a student who will sit Grade 4 this March. Have a good month!

March Update
Tom Marcovich/ News Update /3 March 2018

February was a funny old month wasn't it? Many of my poor students were kept away by the Beast From the East. Fortunately the snow fall is over, and we can look forward to spring.

March is looking like a good month, with some students performing at the Bromley Festival. This March will also be my ten year anniversary of arriving in the UK, and my second anniversary of setting up the teaching business in Bromley.

Have fun out there!