Is it ever too late to learn the guitar? Absolutely, positively no.

I teach guitar lessons for adults and guitar lessons for kids, and these are some of the pros of learning later in life:

1. Playing for the joy of it

Some younger students start playing because their parents want them to learn. They do grades,and they like playing, but there can be a bit of pressure to get improve. Adults generally are playing for the joy of it and they don't have to worry about the outcomes. This creates the perfect environment to learn.

2. Great creative outlet

I spent many years working in an office and at the end of the week, I found it incredibly therapeutic to play and release my built up tension.

3. Great social outlet

I have been to hundreds of open mic nights and jam nights over the years and met loads of interesting people, who have all come together because of an interest in music. Of course you will have your own goals on the guitar, but if you want it to, it can be the perfect way to meet others.

4. Playing and practicing smarter

Adults have a far better idea of how they best take up information. An adult can articulate if they feel they are struggling at something and relate it back to how they have learned things in the past. This can really assist a teacher in designing a practice programme and speed up the time it will take to learn.

Hope that was useful!


Adult Guitar Lessons

(Or Never Too Old to Learn)