Bass Guitar Lessons

Question: Does anything sound as cool as slap bass?

Answer: No

✓  If you want to learn funk, blues, or rock bass, I really think that my lessons can get you moving in the right direction.

✓  If you've been playing normal guitar and just want to get up to speed on bass, I can relate my bass guitar lessons back to what you already know.

✓  I can teach you how to play solidly, create interesting basslines and fills and get into techniques like pop and slap.

Bass guitar is the backbone of any band. I can show you how to play the bass guitar so it can be the right accompaniment to any style of music.

Bass Guitar Styles

A video of ten of my favourite basslines

From funk to hip hip to rock to blues to drum and bass to jazz to just anything else, the bass ) is the key component to the rhythm and "feel" of the music, arguably far more than acoustic or electric guitar.

Here is a walk through of a number of different styles.

Slap Bass Solo: Coffee Shop - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Slap Bass